Stand Firm Love True Conference

Sex is too important to leave it to culture and schools.

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For 20 years, PEACE has been empowering families to positively disciple and mentor their children on difficult conversations such as sexuality.

Research has shown that the first thing a child learns becomes their filter for that situation. When it comes to making healthy sexual risk-avoidance choices (abstinence), children/youth make decisions based upon a consistent sexual risk avoidance (SRA) message that comes from multiple directions – parents, church and (ideally) the school.

Unfortunately, parents and the church say they feel ill-equipped, and when youth have questions they often do not feel they can ask parents or the church, so they look to secular society – media, internet porn, peers, and school as their authority.

So PEACE has created an event to help equip and empower parents and teens on the issue of sexual health from an informed faith perspective.  The Stand Firm, Love True Conference is held in cities and towns across Canada, and offers some of the best Christian teaching and mentorship materials available.

Here are the two components of the conference that are typically offered:

Building Family Connections


Building Family Connections – is an 8+ hour training program offered to parenting adults. It provides a toolkit to begin the lifelong conversation about healthy sexuality with their children & youth. Whether you are a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, guardian or a mentor to children/youth/young adults, this program is for you.


  • Biblical Vision of Sex
  • Great Parenting Strategies
  • Effective Communication Techniques
  • Adolescent Development; physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual
  • Teen Pregnancy – helping child avoid teen pregnancy
  • Contraception
  • HIV & Sexuality Transmitted Infections
  • Healthy & Unhealthy Relationships
  • Compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Effects of child abuse
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance vs Sexual Risk Reduction
  • Supporting abstinence in your family & community


Heritage Keepers


Heritage Keepers is an 8 hour SRA training for youth (aged 11-18) that empowers youth to resist negative peer pressure and protect their goals and values by making healthy, medically accurate, biblically aligned sexual decisions.


  • Understand reproduction
  • Understand sexually transmitted diseases
  • Develop a strong sense of personal identity
  • Set protective boundaries & Resist negative peer pressure
  • Determine and protect personal values and goals
  • Develop their refusal skills
  • Make sexual decisions that are healthy, medically accurate & biblically aligned